Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Cheap Girls

You may have heard Cheap Girls before. The Michigan trio have made their name over the past few years with a pair of solid LP's, as well as none-stop touring alongside the likes of Bomb The Music Industry! and The Descendents. Now they're reaping the rewards of such exertions, having sealed a deal with Rise Records who will release their third studio outing, due in the spring. So far, the only recording that has surfaced from those sessions is a demo entitled 'Cored To Empty,' but that alone seems to suggest they've upped their game significantly. Although it doesn't veer dramatically from any of their existing work, it's a song which only enhances all of the elements which make the band great. The hooks are catchier, the power chords sound more thrilling than ever, and perhaps most importantly vocalist Ian Graham sounds far more assured behind the mic, and that confidence has evidently rubbed off on his bandmates. Their sound is primarily that of a pop-punk band, but there are also elements of 80's alt-rock seamed in for good measure, so fans of bands like Dinosaur Jr and The Replacements could do far worse than give them a go.

You can hear the 'Cored To Empty' demo here.


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