Friday, October 28, 2011

Rodrigo y Gabriela: Area 52

Well isn't this a lovely surprise? No sooner did I start my "End of the Year" list did Rodrigo y Gabriela give me a reason to already start looking towards 2012. The brilliant Spanish duo captured my heart back in 2009 with their phenomonal 11:11, a whirlwind of frenzied guitar pieces that displayed a prowess not often seen in modern contemporary music. It was surprise highlight of mine then, and their upcoming release, Area 52 is keeping me on the edge of my seat in anticipation.

Why does an obscure album from a little known duo have me so excited, you ask? Well you'd have to listen to only a mere sample of the band to discover why. They radiate passion, utilizing their guitars for not only the string aspect, but the percussion aspect as well. Often wild and unpredictable, Rodrigo y Gabriela never disappoint, so mark your calendars for January 24th, when Area 52 officially drops.

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