Saturday, October 29, 2011

Album Review: Good Weather for Airstrikes-To Have Our Hearts Emptied, To Be Left As We Came

Post-rock has been my genre of choice for a number of years now. She's treated my well these past years, giving me some of my fondest musical memories. But it must be said that I've become disillusioned with the genre as of late, with copy/pasted formulas becoming commonplace, and ingenuity becoming rare. Yet every so often a band comes along and reminds me why i fell in love with post-rock in the first place. Good Weather for Airstrikes is one such band.

What first struck me about Good Weather for Airstrikes is that it derives its name from one of my favorite songs off of one of my favorite albums, Sigur Ros' brilliant Agaetis Byjurn. As if this weren't enough to win me over, Good Weather for Airstrikes proceeded to offer me interesting and provacative post-rock that I couldn't simply tag as an "Explosions in the Sky clone." Their debut, To Have Our Hearts Emptied, To Be Left As We Came, is a bold release from a band that has something to prove; an impassioned and energetic work makes me once again believe in the wayward genre I once adored.

Where To Have Our Hearts Emptied, To Be Left As We Came succeeds most is in it's striking creativity. While it is indeed derivative of modern day post-rock, it has a heavier emphasis on traditional rock. Vocals play a large role, and the songwriting in general is more to the point, taking a streamlined approach rather than belaboring the point. "25 Years Tomorrow" is a definite highlight, utilizing emotive lyrics and vocals, as well having a solid, beautiful backdrop. "No Fault of Your Own" is another fantastic selection, with a glorious climax, as well as some very Mono-esque guitar work. Rarely does the album dip in quality, and it always feels fresh and intriguing.

To Have Our Hearts Emptied, To Be Left As We Came isn't perfect, with the production making some sections feel flat, but it doesn't matter, because Good Weather for Airstrikes do so much right. If you thought the big 2011 post-rock releases were done, think again. This is definitely worthy of a listen, and is easily one of this years biggest sleeper hits.

Rating: B+


1.Not If I See You First (free) 06:57
2.(in)finite 10:39
3.Everything that Holds Me Back 09:11
4.25 Years Tomorrow 07:23
5.No Fault Of Your Own 07:27
6.Places Change, I Long to Stay the Same 06:34

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