Monday, July 18, 2011

Death Grips

Today's coverage may startle you a little bit. Because seriously, how many music blogs (or more rarely, individual writers) go from giving away a signed CD and poster for a well known cutesy pop-rock band to an experimental hip-hop group that contains war references? But I pride myself and the site on variety, and thus, you see coverage on Death Grips. Hip-hop isn't my most preferred genre, so when Death Grips immediately stood out with their grimy, dark, and spastic electric beats, I immediately knew I had found something special. Though the rough vocals are hard to adjust to and may instantly repel fans of mainstream rap, there's something alluring about the militaristic feel of the shout-raps.  Along with the cryptic, yet bluntly explicit lyrics, Death Grips are bringing another fresh breath to a hip-hop scene in need of one. You can download (for free) and stream the entire Exmilitary mixtape right here.

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