Saturday, July 16, 2011

Artist Spotlight: The Horrible Crowes

The Gaslight Anthem are one of the best and most consistent bands of recent times, but when I first heard about frontman Brian Fallon's new project The Horrible Crowes I found it hard to get excited. It's not that I doubted the New Jersey singer's ability, but his collaboration with friend Ian Perkins hardly left me enthused. That changed though with the unveiling of the first track from the duo'd debut LP. The song, "Behold The Hurricane" never strays too far from the template set by Fallon's main band, but sees him take a slightly more direct route with terrific results. It's still a shameless slice of Springsteen-esque Americana, but the chiming guitar that's prevalent throughout gives it it's own unique charm, which is just as strong as anything that he's done before.

The duo's debut album, Elsie is out on September 16th. You can stream "Behold The Hurricane" here.

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