Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Army Navy

I'd like to welcome Cody Nelson to the posting club here on MuzikDizcovery. Cody has been a great friend and musical acquaintance of mine for a while now, and I'm extremely happy to have him offering up his talents here. Love beautiful female singers or guilty pleasure pop music? Then you may want to follow Cody's posts in the future.

Now I've known about these guys for a few months thanks to the great music taste the Sklar Brothers have, but Army Navy is probably unknown to most people. An indie pop trio hailing from Los Angeles, Army Navy is the 1 part Steel Train, 1/2 part Beatles, and 3/4 part garage rock summer band that everyone has been looking for (and just hasn't realized yet). Infectious melodies in songs like 'Ode To Janice Melt' and 'Ignite' mesh perfectly with the oddly entrancing voice of Justin Kennedy, who, in two albums (the newest being The Last Place, which dropped today), has mastered the sad lyrics/happy music balance. Kennedy also shines on more bare bones songs such as 'The Long Goodbye,' that really focus on pushing the musicianship into the background, and pulling his vacant tones into the forefront. So for those of you who enjoy listening to music just because it puts you in a good mood, and you're not interested in listening to what's actually being said, give Army Navy a try. They're great at writing fun, infectious pop rock tunes that just happen to include deeper meaning for those looking for an added bonus. Check out a few tracks on their Soundcloud, and pick up their newest album The Last Place on iTunes.

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