Friday, July 15, 2011

Album Review: Black Wine-Summer of Indifference

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with Black Wine’s Summer of Indifference, and if things keep going the way they’ve been going, I’ll be enjoying it for quite some time. The record is simply amiable—fun, chaotic, and deliciously varied and unpredictable. Summer of Indifference really is one of the more listenable, and more outwardly easy things to listen to this year, making it the perfect companion in your “summer of indifference.”

The album is surprisingly original, blending a straightforward brand of alternative rock, with indie, pop, and post-hardcore. It’s a very neat sound, and despite a rather hum-drum production, it comes to together well, and is easily the work’s strongest point. It’s catchy, and ridiculously fun, and is something I could see myself (as it’s already happened) blaring from my speakers as I drive down the highway.

Instrumentally, Black Wine is very acceptable. While sometimes the guitar gets into a simple strum-fest, the rest is golden. Excellence is displayed from each member, drums, guitar, and especially vocals. The vocal duties are portioned between two very different voices, with Miranda in particular coming off as very likable. Her somewhat straightforward approach really compliments the other’s more chaotic nature. Together, they make for one hell of a great component.

Now it would be easy to delve into whose band used to be what, or from whence this person came, but Black Wine doesn’t fell like a haphazardly strewn together group of misfits, but rather, a band that came together because of their sheer enjoyment of making music. If anything, Summer of Indifference is indicative of that, as it is clearly the sound of a band kicking ass and loving what they do. Regardless, you’ve gained a fan, Black Wine, and here’s hoping for many more, you surely deserve it.


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