Thursday, July 14, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Pure Love

Last week I was gutted to hear the news that frontman Frank Carter had left British punk band Gallows. The Watford quintet may only have been around for six years, but they’ve long been at the forefront of the nation’s hardcore scene, and in 2009’s sophomore Grey Britain released one of the best albums that the year had to offer. I only got to see them once, but their live show was phenomenal, and it was Carter’s onstage energy and full-blooded aggression which fueled much of that success. Given that their music was always so uncompromising, it perhaps comes as a surprise that disagreement over the direction of their fourth album was what led to the singers departure, and even more so that Gallows plan to continue despite losing what essentially was their strongest weapon.

Fear not, though, Carter’s absence won’t be felt for long. No sooner had he quit than he disclosed details of a new project, called Pure Love with his friend Jim Carroll, who also operates in Suicide File, Clouds and the Hope Conspiracy. They are set to enter the studio in September to record their debut album, and have announced their intention to tour extensively in support of it come the end of the year. Weak name aside, the initial signs of this new musical venture are promising. A short audio clip has already surfaced, and although hardly conclusive it hints at both a melodic and atmospheric leap forward from Gallows, without sacrificing any of the anger or volume. I, for one, can’t wait to hear more.

You can keep up with their progress on the bands website.

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