Friday, March 23, 2012

Artist Spotlight: God Is An Astronaut

You've probably seen all of the coverage I've done for God Is An Astronaut here on Muzik Dizcovery. At this point, you should know that they are a particular favorite of mine. They've been quite busy lately too, going on European tours and supporting themselves by playing TONS of shows. But, possibly the most exciting development from the band is a full collection of their discography thus far, in honor of their 10th year as GIAA. To make this deal even sweeter, each of their albums has been revamped and remastered, so that the records you're buying from them are records they can presently say they are truly proud of. I was able to get my hands on the collection recently, and it sounds fantastic. From The End of the Beginning all the way up to the self-titled, many little things have been tweaked, as well as much more prominent changes, such as synths boosted and more roundly balanced in general. Beautiful revamping on the earlier releases create such a difference that they have become equal to the fine, studio quality mixes on Age of the Fifth Sun. If you've ever listened to God Is An Astronaut before, these are definitely worth picking up. Not only are they collectible, but the entire listening experience has been altered for the better. And, if you've haven't listened to GIAA before, there has never been a more impeccable time to do so.

You can obtain digital and physical copies of the CDs on their store.

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