Saturday, March 10, 2012

Album Review: GPSYMTH - Ripostes

Album Rating: B
Between my bouts of hardcore and metal listening, and somewhere within the confines of my abhorrent love of post-rock lies a general admiration for all things dreamy and poppy. The hooks, catchy lines and comforting atmosphere always seem to hit me in all the right places.  Memoryhouse's newest found this little fact out last month, and it now seems that GPSYMTH's Ripostes have found it out as well.

GPSYMTH (Gypsy Meth/Math/Moth??) are newcomers to the music scene, but already they've made themselves ridiculously comfortable with their confident debut.  It's got a super fuzzy and dreamy feel about it, and it's a wonderfully easy album to listen to, akin to slipping into a warm bath.  The twinkly melodies and subtle guitar hooks dance easily around the subdued vocals.  In referencing the aformentioned Memoryhouse album, it's become effectively clear what to expect with Ripostes.  However, GPSYMTH have made their album quite a bit more captivating by adding infectious beats, a variety of atmospheres and a heavier emphasis on different types of instrumentals.  In esscence, it's a cornicopia of dream-pop sensibilities, mixing modern electronics with the tried and true relaxed pop that the genre is known for.  Songs like "From Blue to Black," work so smoothly and effortlessly, mirroring the more upbeat tracks, such as "Brewster".  But it's "Bethel" that really steals the show.  "Bethel," is actually unlike any other song on the record, and in fact, there isn't much to it--an ambient track with keys and muffled noise.  But it's the enveloping quality that really makes it a winner.  Mixing every excellent bit of mood and atmosphere found on the record, it truly is something to admire.

Ripostes and its creators are two things to keep on ones radar when entering into this fairly new year.  With such a promising debut, GPSYMTH have asserted themselves as a powerhouse in their respective genre, and good easily bring in music fans from all walks of life.  So, sit down and prepare to be transported by the cool, relaxing and ultimately beautiful sounds of GPSYMTH.

Bandcamp (with full stream)

Track List:

1. Hamilton
2. Easter Island
3. From Blue to Black
4. Dover
5. Bethel
6. The Cat on The Porch
7. My Hunting Hat Burned
8. Brewster
9. Villa Giselle

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