Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Cory Johnson

A creative fellow named Cory Johnson decided that post-rock was a pretty cool genre to experiment with, and set about writing post-rock covers of non-post-rock songs. What he brings us is an interesting collection of various themes from the video game series The Legend of Zelda. Originally a series of either somewhat low quality electronic mixings or recorded from real instruments and converted into low quality audio files, Johnson sheds some new light on these themes from some of Shigeru Miyamoto's most famous video games and breathes a reinvigorated light into them. What he has available to the public as of now is a collection of instrumental demos for free stream, released last August with a promised update for a true release in April. When in April? Who knows. The important thing is the development, the process, the love that goes into such a project like this. Inspiration is a fantastic thing, and we draw it from wherever we can in order to bring different creative works of art like this little gem. It might seem slightly unpolished as of now, but give it time - this jewel will shine. Johnson covers the themes with enough compulsive accuracy to ensure that he hits all of the important bases with finessed subtlety, yet spins them with emotionally-impacted artistry that gives them their unique glamour and sheen. Keep an eye out for the release, I have no doubts that it'll bring even more to the plate than the currently available demo.

You can listen to the demo on Johnson's Bandcamp.

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