Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Album Review: Quiet Steps - Secular

Album Rating: B
So, back in 2010 when everyone was listening to The Saddest Landscape, Iselia and Loma Prieta, did you by chance happen to pick up Quiet Steps rather marvelous Think Aloud?  Didn't think so.  And really, it's hard to blame you, as Quiet Steps haven't really made a big splash anywhere, even in their home country of Australia.  Gliding beneath the surface, this emo troupe has yet again released another remarkable album worthy of the praise and recognition they never received with their debut.  Secular, the band's sophomore record, may not be in quite the same vein as Think Aloud, but it is everything the you could want and more.

Secular retains the same emo/indie garage feel of its predescessor, while making a few key changes.  First off, the production is improved ten-fold.  Sure it may not be a "raw and edgy," but it sounds much cleaner and much more refreshing.  The instrumentation is crisper, with the guitars having the loopy and twinkly effect that's become so popular within the genre.  But the biggest change comes in the form of the band's musical direction.  No longer do they plow through a piece with rapid speed.  Instead, songs like "Secular" and "Accept Decline" have a very deliberate pace.  The interesting guitar lines are incredibly easy to hear, as their clean tones give rise to some truly impressive segments.  The vocals have changed greatly as well, as the screams and yells have all but completely disappeared, taking just about every "screamo" influence with them.  It's very refreshing to hear how well this transition in sound paid off, with the band feeling more creatively energetic than ever.

Quiet Steps' sophomore debut is simply wonderful, and the definition of a perfect sophomore album.  The band has improved what made their debut so impressive, and expanded their sound in the process.  While some may be put off by the band embracing their more indie sensibilities, it's difficult to deny that the shift hasn't paid off in spades.  Secular is the sound of a band comfortable with who they are and what they're doing, and you owe it to yourself and them to check this out.

Coolest of all, you can get the album for whatever price you choose, HERE

Track List:
1. Introduction
2. Thin Ice
3. Strike 3
4. Secular
5. Fire/Water
6. Pointless
7. Accept Decline
8. Finding Evidence

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