Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Danielle Fricke

It could be that I'm a complete sucker for all that is gentle on the ears and musically adorable, but there really is nothing to dislike about the musical side of Danielle Fricke.  Borne on wavelengths a la Laura Stevenson or Molly Erin Sarle of folk-trio Mountain Man fame, Fricke's music speaks true to the individual soul.  Hello Little World, with its delicate and subtle intricacies, fuses the loneliness of a Walden Pond winter with the heartfelt innocence of the most gentle of creatures.  Unabashedly simplistic and bare-boned, Fricke's songwriting rings true of simpler times and pure humanity.  Allow yourself to get lost in the deep echoes of 'Your Ghost (Part II)', or let your mind swim blithely along with the warming do-do-do's of 'Springtime' - Hello Little World is a record worth enjoying on the rainiest of afternoons or the most pristine of mornings.  Spend a half an hour with Danielle and her guitar, and afford yourself the chance to truly appreciate the simpler things.

Hear all of Hello Little World on Danielle's Bandcamp.

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