Sunday, March 25, 2012

Album Review: Burdens - Blind World. Savage Death.

Album Rating: B+
Simply calling Blind World. Savage Death. a hardcore release would be doing it a slight injustice;  Burdens’ six song soundtrack to an agonizing death is just as clever musically as it is forceful and haunting.  Much like Manners’ most recent EP, Apparitions, Blind World. Savage Death. proves that music that is dark by nature can still be fun as hell.  In only a thirteen minute time span, the listener is pounded with tumultuous waves of guitar effects and brooding bass lines as Chris Evans powerfully delivers the dialogue to his suffering.

The first three tracks flow steadily into one another and build up an enormous atmosphere within the EP.  “Silver Tongue” introduces the narrator’s entry into chaos, and then emerges as “Tape Worm,” the highlight of the EP which will have you moshing your bedroom to shreds in an instant.  Heavy, groovy guitar riffs and Evans’ storytelling about a relentless parasite (a metaphor for unwanted hatred) combine for an outrageously fun, albeit sinister result which demonstrates the culmination of Burdens’ talent. 

While no track quite evokes the same reaction as “Tape Worm” does, the remainder of Blind World. Savage Death. is consistently interesting.  Excluding "Death Rattle," which serves as the EP’s interlude, there is at least one element present at all times to keep the listener intrigued and on edge.  Whether it be the imaginative lyrics, passionate vocals, or hectic guitar playing, something is always happening, and that is perhaps the EP’s best quality.  

However, the overall concept of the Blind World. Savage Death. may prove to be a bit overdone for some listeners. “Soothsayer,” for example, may repel some of the more hardcore-minded fans due to its heart-on-sleeve lyricism, “rockiness,” and almost southern metalcore-sounding delivery.  For the most part, though, the story is effective and relatively concise given the short length of the EP. 

As a whole, Blind World. Savage Death. is one of the more innovative hardcore releases to have come out so far in 2012.  Perfect production allows each part of Burdens to come through in the mix, and the heaviness and atypical lyricism should appeal to a wide variety of listeners.  Even though the story may not be for everyone, it gives the EP an unrivaled sense of purpose, which is more than can be said for a lot of uninspired hardcore nowadays.

Bandcamp (download the EP for free!)

Track List:
1. Silver Tongue
2. Tape Worm
3. Death Rattle
4. Soothsayer
5. In Exile
6. Blind World

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