Monday, February 13, 2012

MuzikDizcovery Exclusive: Take One Car - Brim + MuzikDizcovery Recreation

We at MuzikDizcovery are extremely happy at premier a brand new song by Take One Car. "Brim" is the fourth track off their upcoming record It's Going To Be A Nice Day, out February 21st. Unlike first single "Ronnie", "Brim" shows a heavier and more atmospheric part of Take One Car, which is probably the style that the band does best.

We also have a MuzikDizcovery Recreation of the same song! The band strips down with acoustic guitars, bells, shakers, and more to highlight a side of the band that we don't normally see. While the recreation is as far from the original song as can be, the band pulls it off amazingly, displaying even more the immense talent that the band possesses. You can listen to the original track and watch the recreation below, and post your thoughts in the comments on the song, as well as which version you prefer.

Listen to "Ronnie" on the band's Bandcamp, and "like" their Facebook for updates on when a full stream of the album may happen.

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