Friday, February 10, 2012

Album Review: Foxy Shazam - The Church of Rock and Roll

Album Rating: B
After years of watching the band go through what can only be described as an unnatural progression, I've come to realize that I hope Foxy Shazam never, ever changes.  The glitz and glam of the once post-hardcore unit has become a delight to hear across the past two albums: a bold and impressive meshing of classic rock with modern aesthetics.  And For those worried that lead singer Eric Nally and co. would tone things down, rest assured, The Church of  Rock and Roll is just as flamboyant and bombastic as one would expect...and hope.

The Church of  Rock and Roll has all the makings of a great Foxy Shazam record, and in some respects is the band's greatest outing to date.  Not only showcasing the band's ability to stand out amongst the crowd with  pitch-perfect instrumentation and absolutely stunning vocals, the album also doubles as a wonderful step in the right direction in regards to songwriting.  There's a wealth of great variation to be found.  Between the explosive anthemic "The Streets" and the personal and mellow "Forever Together," listeners will find something to fall in love with.

A lot energy goes into describing the particular sound Foxy Shazam has, especially he vocals.  Eric nally could best be described as the modern rocker's take on Queen's Freddie Mercury.  Touting the same energy and skill as the late singer, Nally has been a constant in the band, and a continous pleasure to hear.  But the rest of the band does not stand by and let him hog the limelight, as each member is rather skillful themselves.  Excellent riffs and guitr solos are everytwhere on The Church of Rock and Roll giving it a decidedly "fun" vibe, even during its more introspective moments.

Foxy Shazam have hit another one out of the park with their latest release.  The infectious and rocking tunes that fill the album are some of the best in the band's entire catalogue, and should be a welcome addition to anyone's collection.


1. Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll
2. I Like It
3. Holy Touch
4. Last Chance At Love
5. Forever Together
6. (It’s) Too Late Baby
7. I Wanna Be Yours
8. Wasted Feelings
9. The Temple
10. The Streets
11. Freedom

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