Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Artist Spotlight: The Interstate Life

The Interstate Life is an interesting little project that consists of two guitarists, Giorgio Fareira and Tim Bittar. I think it's actually gained most of its renown not from their music itself, but the viral video featuring Giorgio at a Sonic drive-in. However, though many may fall in love with Giorgio's passion and carefree demeanor on the video, the real emotion is behind a demo recently released by The Interstate Life. For example, the first song on the demo, "Woe Is Me Without You," is one of the sweetest and truly most meaningful love songs I've ever heard, embodying heartbreak and the emptiness that couples with it only to, in the end, be a song sung to an Xbox. At first, I did a double-take. And then, slowly, I realized that the song made perfect sense, with lyrics like: "I'm turning you on / but you're shutting me down" and "I've been crying / Because I want you back / But I can't afford to make it work." The lyrics are pure genius, and the music that couples with it is really moving. The recording in lo-fi adds to how genuine the feeling behind it is, and how it really strikes to home. Definitely take a look at this little gem of indie rock, because there's sure to be more from The Interstate Life, and even in the fledgling stage, this band has mountains of promise in store for them.

You can listen to and pick up the demo on their Bandcamp.

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