Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pianos Become the Teeth - The Lack Long After

When Pianos Become the Teeth dropped their debut record, Old Pride, I honestly didn't think a whole lot about. I passed it off as a solid, but forgettable post-hardcore/emo mash-up that used every trick in the book. But since those two years ago, I've come to realize how exceptional it actually is, and now the band's sophomore release is right up there with my most anticipated albums of 2011.

Passion is what Old Pride had that other albums don't. It was emotional, gut-wrenching, and completely genuine, and I've not heard any of their peers match it since. It's this that has me so pumped for The Lack Long After, as the band promises a "darker and heavier" sound.

Recording began late this summer at Developing Nations Studio, and wrapping up a few weeks later. Topshelf Records will be releasing the album on November 1st, and it is with high commendations that I implore you to check it out. Follow the band on Facebook here.

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