Sunday, September 25, 2011

Album Review: Saves the Day - Daybreak

Genre giants Saves the Day have thus far had quite a remarkable career, spanning three separate decades with seven full length releases, and it’s quite clear that all the hard work has paid off. Save the Day’s Daybreak is as daring as its title. Released on September 13th through Razor & Tie, Daybreak is Saves the Day’s most impressive album yet.

Saves the Day structured Daybreak in a bizarre fashion, sporting an epic ten minute introduction track, followed by multiple songs with single characters for names. Just as with the structure, Saves the Day took a risk with their direction on this album, but no doubt were successful in their efforts. Daybreak is eclectic in sound, featuring many different stylistic influences. From the attitude of "Z", to the slow, emotional closer “Undress Me,” Saves the Day do what they want when they want, and they do so beautifully.

Chris Conley’s trademark vocals hold their own against the impressive instrumentation. Conley’s voice has truly come a long way from Can’t Slow Down, Saves the Day’s debut. Smooth and emotional, Conley’s addition to each track is key. Conley discusses difficult issues in a convincing manner that makes the record shine.

Daybreak is certainly leaps and bounds ahead of some of their older material in its songwriting, and even though it is a deviation from their usual repertoire, the hooks hit just as hard despite the mature vibe of the album. Daybreak will certainly be viewed as one of Saves the Day’s most significant works.

Track Listing

1. "Daybreak"
I. "Somehow You Love Me"
II. "Fucked Up Past the Point of Fixing"
III. "8 AM"
IV. "Zig Zag"
V. "Daybreak"
2. "Let It All Go"
3. "1984"
4. "E"
5. "Z"
6. "Deranged & Desperate"
7. "Chameleon"
8. "Living Without Love"
9. "U"
10. "O"
11. "Undress Me"