Monday, September 12, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Hands of the Templar

Hands of the Templar is the solo project of a Christopher Yabsley. Not too much further information is given about the band anywhere, but then again, that isn't such a negative thing. The self-titled EP is currently the only thing Yabsley has out right now, and it's on Bandcamp for free stream and a name-your-price download. The reason? Yabsley doesn't care about the money he intakes. He wants to spread the feeling and exploration of music on one's own, in order to allow different people to feel different ways about the same songs. He describes his music thusly;

"Long ago people were in tune with the intrinsic value of music. We did not need to be told what a song was about. We did not need to be told how it made us feel. We did not need to be told what the lesson learned was. We simply knew. 'Hands Of The Templar' is my journey back to that state."

Hands of the Templar isn't about one specific theme of music, or a specific message about music. It's all about a journey, back to a time where people knew how music made them feel, unrestricted by genres or rule sets. Yabsley breaks free of musical conventions with the Hands of the Templar EP, and it really is an emotional exploration - it's something very unique, moving, and absolutely special.

You can check out Hands of the Templar on their Bandcamp, and keep up with the band on Facebook.

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