Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Download Asteria and State Champs Latest Records For Free

I put Asteria's album cover to the left, mostly because I've already covered State Champs on the site. But don't think I'm favoring either release over the other. Both releases are fabulous in their own way. Asteria's record Momentum brought much improvement to the band's fairly generic pop-rock sound, especially in the technical sense, as Momentum may be the closest thing we have to The Graduate (R.I.P.) at this current time. While Asteria doesn't bring the consistent atmosphere that The Graduate does, there are moments in which you may think you're listening to Anhedonia.  State Champs is more reminiscent of Such Gold, Four Year Strong, or New Found Glory in their aggressive pop-punk songs, and released one of the most consistent pop-punk EPs of 2011. Both the records are being given away by the bands for celebratory reasons, and there is no reason to not at least give them a chance. You can download Asteria's record here, and State Champs' record here.

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