Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Insouciant

The beautiful transition between summer and autumn is probably my favorite, but at the same time my least favorite time of year. I am usually in a state on insouciance, or lighthearted carelessness, but at the same time I feel melancholic in my day to day activities. This is usually the time of year where I stay in my room and wear sweaters and listen to American Football and various other projects of the Kinsella brothers as I sit at my window and watch as the bright green foliage of the past two months blankets my backyard in a shroud of earthen tones that I will later break my back raking up. A band from Newfoundland, New Jersey called Insouciant captures the emotions of the end of summer's youthful warmth and the beginning of winter's long and brittle prelude just about perfectly. Currently working on their follow up to last year's masterpiece, Dresser, Insouciant blends the gloomier side of autumn's beginnings with the leftover happiness of summer using their own unique electric piano tinged brand of midwestern emo. This is expressed best on the grandiose 9-minute long title track on Dresser, which closes the album on an uplifting tone, implementing instruments such as glockenspiel and melodica in their already impressively tight instrumental line up. The band has a rather extensive back catalogue, beginning with the rugged lo-fi release known as NR-004 on their bandcamp, which introduced tracks that would appear on later releases, including "Locked", "Discontinue", and "Turtle Light". Not including Dresser, the band also has out two more equally fantastic full lengths, Search Party and Fall, all of which are out on New Jersey based independent label Not-Rock Records. If you are a fan of the twinkly guitars, wurlitzers, and this beautiful yet depressing time of year, I highly encourage you to check out Insouciant, and I guarantee you will get something out of it.

You can download Dresser for free on Bandcamp.

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