Sunday, September 4, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Little Kid

It's frustrating that some artists take the whole lo-fi aesthetic a little too far, but sometimes the quality of their songs is such that you can forgive this misjudgement. This is very much the case with Kenny Boothy, who recorded his solo project Little Kid's debut album on four track tape, and it shows. The louder moments on Logic Songs are scuzzy beyond belief, and can become unbearable at times, but the quieter folk-ridden sections which make up the majority of the LP more than make amends. It's the kind of gentle pastoral strumming that bands like Eels and Sparklehorse used to do so well, and Boothy's fragile delivery certainly recalls that of Mark Linkhouse as well as other flawed geniuses such as Elliott Smith. It'll certainly strike a chord among those who like their indie supplied with a heartbreaking emotional sucker-punch, and it's this depth which makes the lack of sheen easy to overlook.

You can stream and download Logic Songs for free on Little Kid's Bandcamp site here.

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