Saturday, January 21, 2012

MuzikDizcovery Recreations: Mansions - Blackest Sky

We're starting a new series here on MuzikDizcovery called MuzikDizcovery Recreations. Bands will be recreating their own tracks by changing the arrangements, tempo, or other things, or by covering a song in their own style. If you want to be part of this series, please email me at, and we will work this out.

Before Mansions' show at Jammin Java on January 20th, Chris sat down with us to be part of the first edition of MuzikDizcovery Recreations. He decided to recreate the crunchy distorted guitars of "Blackest Sky" with a little keyboard, which you can watch below. You can also watch a video (taken from Youtube) of him performing "Blackest Sky" in the original way. Let us know what you think of the recreated version in the comments. Check out Mansions on Facebook here.

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