Monday, January 23, 2012

Album Playlist: 1/23/12

There For Tomorrow - A Little Faster
(2009) (B+)
There For Tomorrow just feels criminally underrated to me. They're much better than the scene that they are associated with, and the bands that they tour with do nothing to remove those associations. A Little Faster shows that There For Tomorrow can create an extremely strong record, with not one weak song out of the eleven on the album. Maika Maile's vocals are powerful, and each of the band members' have tightened up their instrumental skills from the self-titled EP. With three ballads, a couple mid tempo anthems, and a bunch of uptempo rockers, A Little Faster is fantastic.
Key Tracks: "Stories", "Wish You Away", "The Remedy"
Recommended If You Like: Anberlin, Ivoryline

Wild Flag - Wild Flag
(2011) (B)
Portlandia is an odd show. It's one of those shows that gets a few laughs, and I honestly can't tell if I really enjoy it or not. But the best thing about the show is that it ignited my love for Carrie Brownstein. Wild Flag is Brownstein's current musical project. The self titled is an  extremely catchy indie rock record dominated by Brownstein's unique vocals. Sleater-Kinney fans who haven't heard Wild Flag yet need to do so now.
Key Tracks: "Romance", "Glass Tambourine"
Recommended If You Like: All girl bands, indie rock, Sleater-Kinney

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