Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Album Playlist: 1/18/12

Mae - The Everglow
(2005) (A)
The Everglow is a top five favorite album of all time to me. The entire record is perfectly flowing from one song to the next, and every single song is extremely memorable. "We're So Far Away" is one of the best piano ballads ever. Honestly, this record has zero weaknesses, though it doesn't hit me as hard as Everything In Transit and Leaving Through The Window do.
Key Tracks: This is not an album to listen to individual tracks to, but if you really want some, "The Everglow", "We're So Far Away", "Someone Else's Arms"

Recommended If You Like: Piano supported, guitar based pop rock. Really though, everyone should be able to love this album.

Check below the jump for one of my favorite records of 2011 by Those Dancing Days and Mayday Parade's comeback record.

Those Dancing Days - Daydreams &
(2011) (A-)
Those Dancing Days bring a good name to all girl bands. I'm sure it's a kick in the nuts to many guys that these girls are all better musicians than 99% of all dudes out there. In fact, the drumming is some of the best I've ever heard. Every song is extremely catchy, and Linnea Jonsson's voice has the soulful quality to it that makes these poppy indie rock tracks unique.
Key Tracks: "Fuckarias", "Dream About Me", "Can't Find Entrance"
Recommended If You Like: I don't know another band that sounds like Those Dancing Days, as they pull together aspects from punk, indie rock, and soulful pop.

Mayday Parade - Mayday Parade
(2011) (B-)
After hearing the disastrous Anywhere But Here, I was about done with Mayday Parade. But the band's self titled album brought back a shimmer of hope that they could return to their former selves. Derek Sanders' vocals have regained their former passion, while vocals from drummer Jake Bundrick put the band back on track to create the real follow up to A Lesson In Romantics.
Key Tracks: "Oh Well, Oh Well", "Everything's An Illusion"
Recommended If You Like: The Maine, Go Radio...also listen to Brighter Brightest.

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