Saturday, January 7, 2012

Album Review: The Story So Far - Under Soil and Dirt

Album Rating: B-
Newcomers in the scene The Story So Far plant their flag with their debut Under Soil and Dirt. Recently scooped up by Pure Noise Records, the album was released June 21st. An energetic and relentless effort, it is difficult not to enjoy what The Story So Far has to offer.

Under Soil and Dirt is largely power chord driven pop punk. Though it is pretty generic, some of the lead lines and song structures are interesting enough to keep your attention. Every song hits with high gain guitars and pummeling drumming, but The Story So Far had the maturity to provide the listener with numerous laid back breaks, giving the hooks a bit of room to breathe. Though by the end of the record Under Soil and Dirt feels a bit monotonous, it’s hard to deny that the hooks aren’t enjoyable. I consistently find myself tapping my foot to "Daughters".

Vocalist Parker Cannon adds personality to the sound, as he has a pretty unique approach. Though he certainly sings melodically, he definitely pays tribute to the hardcore shout. The lyrics aren’t particularly deep but fit the attitude of the music very well. The production is big and clear but trebley due to the gain on the guitars. The palm muted power chords have a pleasing character and the drums are crisp.

Though ultimately there is little substance to Under Soil and Dirt, it’s still a fun listen, and that’s all that it is meant to be. There aren’t any gimmicks and The Story So Far doesn’t pretend to be anything that they’re not. It won’t speak to you profoundly, but there is still much pleasure to be found in Under Soil and Dirt.


Track List:

1. States And Minds
2. Roam
3. Quicksand
4. Swords And Pens
5. High Regard
6. Daughters
7. Mt. Diablo
8. Four Years
9. Rally Cap
10. Placeholder
11. Closure


  1. Probably would've given this a half-grade higher, was one of the better pop-punk releases this year.  but solid, if brief, review.

  2. I would have given it a B but I don't really see myself coming back to this album in the future.