Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Watch This: Circuit Des Yeux - "Lithonia"

Something sinister is brewing in Chicago chamber pop artist Circuit des Yeux's new video for "Lithonia": while the strings begin in elegant swoops before slowly fraying into discord and guitar static makes a harsh intrusion, Haley Fohr's voice wrangles with big existential ruminations and questions ("What's freedom, and what's reality?"). The video plays with the way intimacy feeds into darkness, offering us an almost voyeuristic glimpse into Fohr's personal space as she changes clothes, camera honing in on the pimples on her back, chops off her hair, her hands trembling as she grips a pair of scissors, and drenches herself in sticky-sweet syrup. The liquid coats her face as if raining tears as she stares into our eyes, and even if the moment is uncomfortable the video still plays it as a moment of liberation.

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