Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Album Review: Backtrack -Lost In Life

Album Rating: A- 
Backtrack is quickly becoming one of the leading names in current hardcore music. With their furious debut, Darker Half, becoming a modern classic, they are taking no prisoners in their barreling spiral forward. With a touring schedule that rivals no other and a new album, their first on Bridge 9 Records, Backtrack is on path to take 2014 by storm. Lost In Life may only be their second full-length album, but it has the strength and stability of a band that has firmly rooted themselves in what they try to be.

Most hardcore music these days is inevitably derivative of older, more seasoned bands and albums. It is a genre that has a devoted and powerful fan base, but lack a certain sense of experimentation and growth. Meaning this al in the sense that most hardcore music can be lumped together and if you like some of it, you'd probably like most of it. Backtrack on the other hand have proven that the genre can move forward and progress. With a tendency to lean a little closer to metal, with their chugging guitars and sloshy riffs, the band sticks out among a sea of droning bands.

Lost In Life kicks off with a powerful track, "Their Rules," which is an anthemic punch to the gut. Guitars and drums are both clear and cut, sounding new and direct. Backtrack are bringing themselves to the forefront of the hardcore world, and doing it fast. Many tracks on Lost In Life are just like this, with powerful, no-holds ferocity. Guitars chug and create involuntary head-nodding, and the drums have more of a punk feel to them, making Backtrack sound at some times like a harder punk band than a hardcore band. While the songs here are slightly longer than Backtrack's previous outputs, they never overstay their welcome. The title track and "Under Your Spell," show this off by creating a full song, without ever feeling too repetitive for a hardcore track.

Lost In Life unfortunately doesn't do anything too far out of the box though. For a band that has such a distinct sound and style, it would have been nice to see Backtrack try something a bit more experimental. This is not a big turn off though for a such a strong, all the way through album, where there truly is not a bad song to be found.

Backtrack's second album is a strong effort by the band; one that will not be forgotten soon and will only go on to inspire and influence the genre for the next few years. Keep your eyes peeled on the band as a whole as well, as Lost In Life will help propel them to the top of their game.


Track List:

1. Their Rules
2. Wash Away
3. Lost In Life
4. Under Your Spell
5. Nailed To The Tracks
6. Tortured
7. Rot In Your Race
8. Right This Wrong
9. Play Safe
10. Still Searching
11. Guilty Conscience
12. The Way It Is

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