Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Album Review: County Drop - The Origin of Skeletons

Album Rating: A
Hailing from the heart of the New Brunswick, NJ basement scene, County Drop proves that sincerity is the best policy. Released in late August of last year, The Origin of Skeletons is a raw mess of emotions smoothed over with unusual song structures, intricate drum patterns, and hooky choruses. It’s a heartfelt record that fuses the likes of emo, indie, and punk.

Within its entirety, The Origin of Skeletons has a number of inimitable moments that shape its overall foundation and conveyance. Beginning with the first track, “Bee Keeper,” the nostalgic elements of the record trickle down in sections. The song begins with a gloomy, poignant riff that is immediately followed by lingering drums and syncopated rhythm guitar. Within a few more bars, the song finally reaches an emotional climax, setting the mood for the rest of the record - a blazing punk style backed by passionate dual vocal melodies. “Bee Keeper” defines the consistent and tight sound that will be most apparent throughout the duration of the album.

The most diverse and interesting track is “Big Mouth,” the third song. The drums immediately kick it into high gear with a rolling, almost “George of the Jungle” type pattern. A slow, heated set of chord strums set the stage for a ferocious attack of thunderous syncopated shredding complete with a lighthearted emotional tail end, reminiscent of Four Year Strong and Braid. The song then breaks into intertwining riffs while the tremble induced bass guitar trails along. It’s a damn catchy combination that keeps the nostalgia foundation of the record present. The vocals round it all off with a sort of desperate, raspy tone. The song comes full circle with the added bonus of passionate yelling that ties up all the loose ends.

As the last track, “Shredder” closes out the record in a showy anthem, the song dramatically cuts, an appropriate conclusion that leaves no stone unturned on this honest pursuit of music. In a word, The Origin of Skeletons is a solid effort. It’s catchy, amusing, clever, and emotional. With a combination like that, who wouldn’t want to listen?

Track List:

1. Bee Keeper
2. 614
3. Big Mouth
4. Landlord
5. Shredder

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