Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jukebox: Galimatias & Sorrow - Subside

No sooner had I finally gotten off my arse to buy a cable to connect my laptop to two pretty nasty speakers (previously they only connected to a record player, so spent most of their time as paperweights) than this little beauty decides to swan its way into Soundcloud.

Sorrow did all kinds of wonderful things to dubstep last year: Dreamstone defied all expectations to solidify itself as the best dubstep release of 2013 and the later Warring EP made a very good case for the harsher, heavy side of the genre in a scene now dominated by the emotional style of Asa et al. Galimatias, on the other hand, has been producing a series of super-smooth singles for a while now, culminating in the lovely little beat-based Young Chimera last year.

Put them together and you get the catchiest track of the year so far. I realise this might not be saying too much, but this is no doubt about to explode across the net. With all that slow, bouncing bass and soft melodies this may as well hail itself as the ultimate end of the night experience. It's free as well. Check it out!

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