Monday, November 18, 2013

MuzikDizcovery Exclusive: Winter Dust, "Early Grey Mornings"

Fans of emo post-rock take note: Italian band Winter Dust's upcoming Autumn Years is one of the best releases of the year, blending hook-heavy songwriting with gruff rock vocals and gritty, gorgeous instrumentation, and we at MuzikDizcovery are delighted to debut an exclusive stream of "Early Grey Mornings" before the album's upcoming December 5 release. The song starts off slow, laying melancholy guitar melodies over chugging percussion and shrouding everything in a layer of early morning fog, but things soon get turbulent. As the track builds, Marco Vezzaro throws in some gnarly screams and the bass gains prominence. When the measured tempo gives way for a climax in double-time, the drums, piano and guitar crashing out of the 5AM gloom in waves, it's a bucket of ice water to the face, and it's thanks to the track's masterful construction that the catharsis comes naturally.

Find more on Winter Dust at its official website.

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