Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Artist of the Day: John Talabot

He hasn't been round all that long, but John Talabot's pulled more weight than we expected since he tore into the electronic scene three years ago with the track "Sunshine." The Spanish dance maestro has done a fair bit of work, most notably in 2012 when his debut fIN managed to succeed in both the often mutually exclusive areas of mainstream success and critical acclaim. It even managed to get a five star review from The Guardian, whatever that means.

Recently -as in just over a week ago- Talabot joined a long list of electronic legends (give or take - it's too extensive a list to be completely agreeable) to contribute to the DJ-Kicks compilation series. The release perfectly explains the excellence of his influences, with tracks from contemporary underground icons Pye Corner Audio, Andy Stott and Motor City Drum Ensemble. The double disk release will have heads popping and brain cogs whirring as the listener is treated to what could easily be considered to be the best mix of the year. Talabot, it seems, is still going strong.

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