Friday, November 15, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Death Grips

Somehow, Death Grips keeps surprising us. A little over a year after leaking No Love Deep Web without their label's permission, they've come out of nowhere to release the brand new album Government Plates. While "Birds" was released in August, the strangeness and out of nowhere posting of the track made it feel like a one-off. However, it seems that was simply a teaser for this record. "Birds" isn't quite a strong indication of the sound of the record, however the one correct sign you may get from it is that the record is far more focused on the beats and features more vocal-less parts. Even during the rapped parts, the vocals seem to be turned down lower than before, giving Zach Hill and Flatlander the spotlight rather than their weirdly worshipped frontman MC Ride. It's definitely an interesting listen, if not their best, and worth downloading. You can download Government Plates for free right here, and stream it on their Soundcloud.

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