Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Semester of New Songs

 Most college students know how frustrating the "second" semester can be.  It is a semester filled with exams, homework, having to avoid the urge to "mind bang" every girl in jean shorts, and pretending to like baseball.  It is tough to stay focused, optimistic, and even sane in a world of ten page essays and in class debates about the sexuality of James Buchanan. That is the exact reason why it is important for every student to find some sort of escapism: to find the quiet in the middle of the riot, to find the calm in the middle of the figurative storm, and to find the nonsense in the completely nonsensical.  For some students this is television, movies, sports, or even casual sex!  But my escapism this semester came in trying to find an awesome new song every night of the semester.  I ended up finding tons of great new songs from just about every genre.  This went from escapism to a hobby, from a hobby to a project, and from a project to a total obsession.  Here are my favorite songs from every day of my second semester.  Don't blow your mind with why....

1/8/2012: Family of The Year- Living on Love
1/9/2012: Destroyer- Leave Me Alone
1/10/2012:  Diagrams- Black Light 
1/11/2012: Arkells- Whistleblower 
1/12/2012: Porcelain Raft-Unless You Speak From The Heart 
1/13/2012: Ten Bears- You Got The Power
1/14/2012: Blind Pilot- Keep You Right
1/15/2012: Spanish Prisoners- Know No Violence 
1/16/2012: Teen Daze- Let's Groove 
1/17/2012: Frankie & The Heartstrings- Photograph 
1/18/2012: Dum Dum Girls: Just A Creep 
1/19/2012:  Dr. Dog- That Old Black Hole
1/20/2012: Fun.- One Foot 
1/21/2012: Fay Wolf- Black People 
1/22/2012: Hey Ocean!- I Am A Heart 
1/23/2012: Grouplove-Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten 
1/24/2012: Mike Snow- Devil's Work 
1/25/2012: Dandelo- Wrapped Up In You 
1/26/2012: Richard Swift- Whitman 
1/27/2012:The Limousines - Temptation
1/28/2012: Memoryhouse - This Will Be Our Year 
1/29/2012: Team Me- Show Me 
1/30/2012: Rabbit! When We Were Young 
1/31/2012: Shearwater- Animal Life
 2/1/2012: NO- Another Life
2/2/2012: Alphabet Backwards- Tonight
2/3/2012:Bombay Bicycle Club- Leave It 
2/4/2012: Oh Land- Bloodbuzz Ohio 
2/5/2012: Summer Twins- I Will Love You 
2/6/2012: I Heart Sharks- Monogamy 
2/7/2012: Imperial Teen: Runaway 
2/8/2012: Pulled Apart By Horses- V.E.N.O.M. 
2/9/2012: Die Hard Cafe- Unravel 
2/10/2012: The Shins- Simple Song
2/11/2012: Eins, Zwei Orchestra- Peace And Love 
2/12/2012: We Are Animal- 1919 
2/13/2012: Miniature Tigers- Boomerang 
2/14/2012: Delta Spirit- California 
2/15/2012: The Vaccines- Norgaard 
2/16/2012: Skip The Use- Ghost 
2/17/2012: Bears- Eleven AM 
2/18/2012: Le Butcherettes - Bang!
2/19/2012: Cold War Kids- Minimum Day
2/20/12: Dream Brother- Pretty Eyes 
2/21/2012: Behind Sapphire- Vancouver, Baby! 
2/22/2012: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah- Hysterical 
2/23/2012: Islands- Hallways 
2/24/2012: Battleships- In Retrospect 
2/25/2012: The Maccabees- Pelican 
2/26/2012: Princeton- Florida 
2/27/2012: M. Ward- The First Time I Ran Away 
2/28/2012: Tennis: Petition
2/29/2012: Anthony Green- If I Don't Sing

3/1/2012: La Sera- Break My Heart' 
3/2/2012: DakhaBrakha- Baby 
3/3/2012: Yes Nice- Empty Spaces (Oh No Yoko! Remix) 
3/4/2012: Oberhofer- Cruisin FDR 
3/5/2012: Silver Swans: Actual Pain
3/6/2012: Elvis Depressedly- A Bible In A Bath of Bleach
3/7/2012: Deer Tick: Main Street (Acoustic) 
3/8/2012: Pond: Moth Wings 
3/9/2012: Bright Moments: Milwaukee 
3/10/2012: Wildcat! Wildcat!- Mr Quiche 
3/11/2012: Bahamas- I Got You Babe 
3/12/2012: Bear In Heaven: Kiss Me Crazy 
3/13/2012: Teen Daze- Brooklyn Sunburn 
3/14/2012: Bedroom- Concrete 
3/15/2012: Twin Cabins- Cool Kids 
3/16/2012: Hundred Waters: Caverns 
3/17/2012: J R G- Why Are You Always In My Dreams? 
3/18/2012: Young Empires- Let You Sleep Tonight 
3/19/2012: House of Wolves- Ageless
3/20/2012: Geographer- The Myth of Youth 
3/21/2012: Big Deal- Talk 
3/22/2012: Galapagos- I Am My Love 
3/23/2012: Andrew Bird- The Crown Salesman 
3/24/2012: Moonface- Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips 
3/25/2012: Light Asylum- Shallow Tears 
3/26/2012: Campfires- Melted Rubber Soul 
3/27/2012: Young Magic- Sanctuary 
3/28/2012: Wild Nothing- Wait 
3/29/2012: School of Seven Bells- Show Me Love 
3/30/2012: Barefoot Beware- Lemon Crud 
3/31/2012: Slow Club- The Dog
4/1/2012:  Me and My Drummer- You're A Runner 
4/2/2012: Passenger- Things That Stop Your Dreaming 
4/3/2012: The Cribs- Come On, Be A No One 
4/4/2012: Lavers- Cosmic Ambulance 
4/5/2012: The Lumineers- Ho Hey 
4/6/2012: The Maccabees- Ayla 
4/7/2012: The Glorious Veins- Blue Eyed Crazy 
4/8/2012: Funeral Suits- All Those Friendly Suits 
4/9/2012: Regina Spektor- Don't Leave Me 
4/10/2012: Best Coast- The Only Place 
4/11/2012: Boxed Wine- Summer Wine 
4/12/2012: Beach House- Wild 
4/13/2012: Tennis- Traveling 
4/14/2012: Delta Spirit- Tellin The Mind 
4/15/2012: M. Ward-Pure Joy 
4/16/2012: Homepage- Friends
4/17/2012: Wildcat! Wildcat!- End of The World Everyday 
4/18/2012: Miniature Tigers- Angel Bath 
4/19/2012: The Head And The Heart- Rivers and Roads 
4/20/2012: The Frank and Walters- Indie Love Song 
4/21/2012: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah- With The Witnesses Dull Surprise 
4/22/2012: Coyote Theory- Vibe 
4/23/2012: Freshkills- Positive Vibes
4/24/2012: Beat Radio- Dreaming Wide Awake 
4/25/2012: Zeus- Cool Blue (And The Things You Do) 
4/26/2012: Ko Ko- Float 
4/27/2012: Field Mouse- Happy 
4/28/2012: Dinosaur Feathers- Beatcha 
4/29/2012: Silversun Pickups: Bloody Mary 
4/30/2012: Philco Fiction- Finally

5/1/2012: Electric Guest- Waves Barcelona- Only Son
5/3/2012: M83-Mirror
5/4/2012: Summer Heart- I Wanna Go 
5/5/2012: Minus The Tiger- Hunted 
5/6/2012: Purity Ring: Obedear 
5/7/2012: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.- We Almost Lost Detroit 
5/8/2012: Real Boys- Japanland 
5/9/2012: St Vincent- Grot

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