Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Album Review: Suis La Lune - Riala

Album Rating: A-
Swedish emotional hardcore act, Suis La Lune is simply the little band that could.  After all, it has been years since the band’s inception and still it has not “broken out.”  Despite label switching and an oversaturation of similar bands, Suis La Lune just keeps on trucking, taking it all in stride.  And while the band has not exactly flourished into the media grabbing darling that it by all rights should be, Suis La Lune still has a dedicated and loving fan base.  If 2008’s Heir and 2006’s Quiet, Pull The Strings! has proven anything, it is that the band is an ever evolving, and incredibly talented force in the genre; a force that we as music listeners are blessed to hear.

Riala, the band’s second album in six years, is a wonderful return.  In fact, it feels like some of the most genuine “screamo” this year, which in itself is quite the accomplishment.  Blending the impressive and varied vocals of Henning with the stunning guitar tones gives Riala a gorgeous sound all its own.  Unfortunately the production could be a bit better, as some sections feels a bit muddy and drowns out some of the greatness at hand.  However, it’s very easy to forgive when the harsh sounds of “Cornea” grace your ears, or the lulling moments of the eponymous track grant you some of the record’s most beautiful moments.  Surprisingly, things are a bit more “anthem-like” this time around, and dare I say, the album has a few “sing-along” moments as well.  One cannot help but bellow along with Henning as he screams “You took it away” in the mid-portion of “All That Meant Something,” or shouts “I’m so sorry” in “Remorse.”  It would be almost fun if the subject matter at hand were not so serious.  In fact, the duality is what makes Riala so special.  On the one hand, this is the liveliest record that the band has done.  One the other hand, the passion is palpable and at times almost agonizing.  It’s a very rewarding experience that gives the listener conflicting emotions, which in itself makes for a great listen.

Riala is the most realized moment in the legacy that is Suis La Lune.  Now signed to Topshelf Records, the band shares a home with legends such as The Saddest Landscape.  Hopefully this will give the band the exposure that it so painfully deserves.  

Track List:

01. Cornea
02. Stop Motion
03. Wishes & Hopes
04. Hands Are For Helping
05. In Confidence
06. Remorse
07. All That Meant Something
08. Riala
09. Sense In A Broken Dialogue
10. One And All, Every Bit

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