Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Artist of the Day: Dweller on the Threshold

Dweller on the Threshold dropped its debut self-titled about a week ago on the always amazing Enemies List Home Recordings, and you should check it out.  Oh, you want more?  Well that last bit should be enough convincing (as ELHR is one of the most consistently fascinating labels in music today), but if not, Dweller on the Threshold is a low-fi alternative-folk outfit with a broody and dark mystique.  Keeping in line with much of its label's acts, the band's music is a fuzzy and experimental fusion of all sorts of genres one would not think would work, but in fact work beautifully.  The self-titles is an explosive debut that says a lot if one is willing to listen.  Despite the softer, moodier tone, there is plenty of depth to warrant multiple listens.

Not convinced?  Just give the album's stunning "The Drone" a listen.


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