Sunday, May 6, 2012

Artist of the Day: Deathmole

One may have noticed that I've written about Deathmole before. However, they're a band that I keep coming back to, and with good reason. In a similar strain to Kupek, Deathmole is a one-man band, writing music for the sake of writing music and spreading ideas. Jeph Jacques, writer of the webcomic Questionable Content, leads the effort of Deathmole, and has been quite successful musically, leading metal fans that read the comic into a realm of post-metal that compares itself easily to Russian Circles, or Isis. Jacques creates a dark atmosphere in his music with chords that don't necessarily resolve beautifully, creating a lot of tension in the music, and combines this with fast, aggressive rhythms that cause one to really feel what he's trying to portray. However, unlike a lot of post-metal, he's able to resolve a lot of his songs in the choruses, usually with a four-step chord progression similar, but way ahead of, much of metalcore music you might hear today. All of these musical qualities make Deathmole a very unique listen, and it's definitely worth checking out if you can appreciate some weird metal.

You can find most of Jacques' music on Bandcamp, and what you can't find there, you can easily find on

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