Saturday, November 5, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Edelweiss

I'm only 18, but Edelweiss makes me feel old. The band's members are no older than 17, with an average age of sixteen. They also make feel inadequate, since they've accomplished more musically by this age than I could ever hope and dream of. What's kills my ego even more is how damn talented they are. The opening song "Icarus" off their Pre-Columbians EP is extremely reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club with the guitar tone and overall feel of the song, and may even show more variety in the riffs than them. "A Sound From Pennsylvania" shows the band constructing songs far beyond their years, as not many 16 year olds would ever think of making an instrumental shoegaze track. The scariest thing about Edelweiss is that they have plenty of room for improvement. Edelweiss is a young LeBron James; they're extremely talented and are beginning to turn that talent into production, but they haven't even cracked the surface of their massive potential.  Remember Edelweiss' name, because they may be the next budding superstar of the musical world. You can listen to the EP on Bandcamp here, and check them out on Facebook here.

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