Friday, November 11, 2011

Album Review: The Wild - A Collection

Album Rating: B+
Oh joy, rapture—The Wild have entered my life just in the nick of time. Whilst 2011 has been winding down, I’ve been getting glum, knowing that this fantastic year is now coming to a close. Alas and alack, however, as A Collection has arrived. A Collection is exactly what its name implies—a collection of lovingly composed tracks from a sadly ignored act, The Wild. Who are The Wild you ask? Well, albeit a bit derivative, they’re simply the epitome of what every indie/folk should be doing, and doing it damn well.

A Collection doesn’t re-write the rules of, well, anything in particular, but the best part is that it doesn’t even try. No, what The Wild do is draw influences from the great 90’s indie rock bands of yore, and mesh it with the trendy “folk” wave that’s been hanging around for a number of years. You'll hear flourishes of Andrew Jackson Jihad, Wilco, and even a bit of Laura Stevenson. While this doesn’t really sound like anything new, it sounds fantastic in its execution. The male/female dual vocals are simply wonderful, giving the album a charm all its own, with the bluesy/folky aesthetic only adding even more.

What impresses even more is how fresh it all sounds. Not from a creative aspect, but from the very feeling of the songs themselves. Songs like “Street Names” and “They Too Will Know” sound lively and energetic. They are honest, fun, and exciting pieces that have a production that makes you feel like you’re right there. Don’t be lulled into thinking that this is a mere pop-esque excursion, because A Collection has its fair share of heart and soul. “Oh Alex” and “We Shall Overcome Someday” feel heartfelt and beautiful, evoking a very personal feeling. They balance the more upbeat songs quite nicely, yet sound just as exhilarating as the rest.

The Collection, to put it simply, isn’t perfect, but it’s an all-around excellent work of music that can and should find its way into the hearts of many. You’ve heard it before, perhaps, but The Wild do a wonderful job giving a tried and true sound their own flair. Get it, love it, and let The Wild usher you into the cold winter months with their warm, endearing brand of indie rock.

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Track List:
1. Mudlines
2. Let Me Sing You a Song
3. Stillness Sickness
4. Our Cities
5. Street Names
6. To Be Content
7. They Too Will Know
8. The City That Never Sleeps
9. We Will Drive These Warlords Out
10. We Shall Overcome Someday
11. Oh Alex
12. Set Ourselves Free (Acoustic)
13. Everything We Need (Acoustic)
14. Together Underground (Live)

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