Thursday, December 8, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Options

Options doesn't sound like the work of a single person. One-man projects can often seem amateurish and cobbled-together, but Seth Engel's creation is anything but. Having recorded under the moniker since 2008, the Chicago songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has established a firm base emo-tinged alt-rock not dissimilar from the likes of Manchester Orchestra and Brand New's earlier work. Engel - also a member of bands Cage Match and Like So - hasn't reached those heights yet, but even at this early stage the indicators are positive. His debut album Some Light was a solid effort which displayed plenty of promise, but it's the two EP's he's released this year which have really impressed, and gone some way towards delivering upon that potential. The most recent of the pair, Little Victories is especially excellent, seeing Engel all but perfect a balance between the delightfully raw scuzz and twinkling melodic passages he specialises in, often within the same song. There's still room for improvement on the songwriting front, and there are times when the lo-fi distortion can become overbearing, but the all of the components for success are already in place, and there are already tantalising glimpses as to how good this project could become in the shape of gems like 'Yours Truly.'

You can stream and download Options' music on their bandcamp page.


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