Saturday, December 3, 2011

Artist Spotlight - Olde Pine

The midwestern emo style as of late is generally pretty hit-or-miss. The band either falls flat on it's face, failing to stand out amongst their peers, or it comes out really, really good. Olde Pine, which consists of "two guys from MA playing rad music", are really, really good. For a band with nothing to their name but a two track ep that spans over the course of seven and a half minutes, Olde Pine does an extraordinarily good job at getting their point across and making an extremely promising statement for any of their work to come. Their two track ep, entitled Reservoir, has the exact same youthful energy present in genre greats such as Cap'n Jazz. One thing that Olde Pine is great with is backing up the imagery of their lyrics in the instrumentation. "For Twinny" contains the line "as the brown blanket sits soaking up our history, I'm lifted up", followed by a drop in tempo, as the listener can almost feel themselves being ascended by the light drums and feedback. Although Reservoir seems like more of a tease than it does an ep, we could only hope that whatever Olde Pine has in store for us is on its way soon.

You can listen to and download Reservoir for free on bandcamp

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