Friday, December 23, 2011

Album Review: Luther - Siblings and Sevens

Album Rating: B
Philadelphia’s Luther makes their first mark on the music industry with their debut release Siblings and Sevens. The EP is a seven track journey of sincerity and ambiguity. Luther walks the fine line between not trying hard enough and trying too hard with great dexterity, an impressive feat worthy of great praise for a band of only two years.

Siblings and Sevens is a punk rock effort at its core. Most of the tracks are driving and simplistic, catchy but not overtly so. While there is a great deal of backbone and attitude to the record, there is no effort made to be heavy or particularly aggressive, instead often nodding to folksy roots. Luther also displays a vulnerable side with great consistency, frequently lamenting about personal tribulations. While the lyrics tend to be vague and introspective, the delivery seems genuine, to the great benefit of the record. Luther leans on no gimmicks to draw attention away from a lack of substance, and in this respect, Siblings and Sevens delivers. Luther finds their greatest strength in their relatable character and honest delivery.

The production of the EP mirrors the direction of the effort perfectly, one of the most significant aspects of Siblings and Sevens. Though easily palatable and enjoyable, the tones are not particularly clear or powerful. While the tone of the guitars and the mixing feels low budget, it is executed with such calculating consistency that one is left wondering whether this was actually a budgetary choice or if it was an artistic choice. However, the answer isn’t significant, and that’s exactly the point of the record. 

Whether Luther is capitalizing on the respect and hype that comes with being simple and humble or if they are in fact sincere in their intentions is an impossible argument to conclude with any certainty. The point Luther eloquently proves with Siblings and Sevens is that it shouldn’t matter. By blurring the line between the two, Luther leaves you with only their music to appreciate. 

Track List:

1.Siblings and Sevens
2.This is Like Fight Club
3.Two Anglers
4.The Suitor
5.There's Always Money...
6.The Communion
7.Aztec Tomb

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