Monday, February 10, 2014

Album Review: A.M. Overcast - Pellow

Album Rating: B+
Imagine if Rivers Cuomo and the rest of Weezer decided to actually take lessons on how to better play their instruments. You know what, I'll do you one better - imagine if their teachers were the members of This Town Needs Guns! Luckily for you (and for me), this happened, well, sort of...

Stemming from the mind of Alexander Litinsky, comes his latest album, Pellow, from his project known as A.M. Overcast. If there was ever a happy medium between pop, punk, and math-rock, I believe Litinsky has created it. It's an intricate, catchy album with a constant ebb and flow of twinkly guitar and flailing drum rolls. While it may appear to be busy at times, Pellow is an engaging listen, perfect for a tranquil drive along the shoreline.

The record opens up with "Aquacellar," a song that comes out of the gate like a freight train on fire. As Litinsky's vocals come to light, the controlled chaos of the guitar and drums lingering underneath shortly follow suit. The hardened, edgy guitar tiptoe along the perimeter of the drums in perfect syncopation. As the song moves along, the riffs keep on coming, stitching everything together. The feel of the track has an undeniable joyous undertone that soothes the ears amongst its busy and crowded feel. It's an odd combination for sure, but Litinsky makes it work, blurring the line between pop and math-rock. In addition, the voice of Catherine Litinsky adds a fun element to the record. Her voice is subtle and airy, only complimenting the instrumental work of the album.

As Pellow continues along, the listener will notice that each song carves out its own personality, complete with enough riffs to last you for the rest of the week. However, the standout track on Pellow is "So Much More," a slower, more developed song that replaces the constant busyness with an uphill, dramatic listen that eventually leads to an outbreak of sing-along lyrics and ear catching vocal melodies.

It is without a doubt that Pellow is a delightful listen. It sounds like it was uniquely crafted to meet the minds and ears of music junkies who are in search of something distinct and off the beaten path. While the rest of the country is caught in Old Man Winter's deep freeze, you can be sitting in sunshine while this record jams out in the background.

Track List:

1. Aquacellar
2. One In A Million
3. Violet By Fire Glow
4. Local Area Network
5. So Much More
6. Amalanchier

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