Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tonight Alive

Everybody loves Australia. From kangaroos to crocodile hunters to amazing accents, Australia just seems like heaven. Tonight Alive is just another great thing about Australia. Imagine an Australian Paramore. That's Tonight Alive. However, Tonight Alive still stands out due to lead singer Jenna McDougal's excellent vocals and the band's solid songwriting skills. The band is currently in the US recording their first full length album with Mark Trombino, better known as the producer of some of Jimmy Eat World's albums. The band has two excellent EPs out, All Shapes and Disguises and Consider This. You should consider checking out the band on their myspace page here.


  1. all shapes and disguises is not an ep... its an lp...

  2. I mean, a seven track release isn't an LP. There's no way anyone can call this a full length album.