Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog Reflection

So, this blog has been up for almost a year and a half now, and it still has an identity crisis. Ever since the first summer, my writing has diminished by a lot. I have a reason for that. Looking back on my old writing, it was awful. I wish I had the time to rewrite all my old reviews. Although, the result would be a lot more negative than it was then. My taste has changed, and you will see a lot more mature and varied music on the site from now on. Do not think that anything before Summer of this year I support. I now know that they are awful. Do not judge my blog just because of posts I made over a year ago. I am also changing my focus from review to just plain old input on music. There will still be reviews up, but they will be a lot stronger and better developed. There should be another one up within the next week or so. Also, there will be an interview with A Great Big Pile Of Leaves that exposes quite a bit of awesome information. Just keep checking in on the blog, and I am planning on putting a least one post a day from here on out.

Thanks everybody,

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