Saturday, June 5, 2010

Breathing Blue Self Titled EP Review


1. A Star in the West
2. Chase the World
3. Roads
4. Real Eyes (Realize; Real Lies)
5. From Athens to Alcatraz
6. Sparkle (Bonus Track)


Breathing Blue is a young progressive rock band that has been touring and performing for about three years now, but are just starting to get attention. They have played with bands such as The Ataris, and made their way onto Bamboozle as a reward for winning a contest. These young men make sure to create real music without the use of autotune or other unnatural music techniques.

How Is It?

Pretty good. The music is very similar to Circa Survive, although the vocals are much lower. The opening track, "A Star In The West", showcases the band's skilled musicianship. The soaring guitar riffs in the background give power to the song. "Chase The World" shows the band can diversify the music with soft keys in the opening and time shifts in chorus. It also displays the positive message that the band is trying to give. "Real Eyes" contains several other messages (real eyes, realize, real lies) simply in the title. The staccato guitar plucks give it a unique sound and creates another EP highlight. The final track, "Sparkle" adds a synth line along with an inspiring chorus. Breathing Blue is a band just scratching their potential. They've already shown their talent in this album, and have excited me for future releases.

Recommended If You Like - Circa Survive, Mute Math

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