Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Album Review: Save Face - I Won't Let This Take My Life

Album Rating: A-
I Won't Let This Take My Life combines brisk and intensified hardcore with memorable, hooky pop-punk from the great Garden State. The raw energy and fervor found on this record is undeniable - further blurring the lines between brutal new-age hardcore and jovial pop-punk. If you dig bands such as Counterparts and New Found Glory, Save Face might just be the new band you are looking for.

As the song, "Debt" starts, the song immediately detonates into a cohesive display of impressive syncopation that sits on the edge of a blade. It's a cunning start that sets the bar high for the rest of the record. Around one minute into the song, there is a certain lead riff that idles amongst the controlled chaos - a nostalgic undertone that compliments that vocals. This pattern could be found on the rest of the EP passing in the slightest of seconds.

"Clockwork," the middleman on the EP, showcases a melancholy tone that changes the pace for a short time. The chorus is golden thread of the track, reminiscent of a song off Silverstein's Discovering The Waterfront. The song is the perfect counterpoint to the last song, "All Skin, No Bones," which carries more of a traditional, anthemic punk sound. Bursting with aplenty, edgy riffs, and deep, chilling growls (another unique aspect heard throughout the record), this track is an excellent way to tie up the EP. These guys have something awesome brewing. If they play their cards right, 2014 could prove to be a big year for Save Face.

Track List:

1. Debt
2. Teeth In The Floor
3. Clockwork
4. Flora
5. All Skin, No Bones


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