Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Artist of the Day: Sun Kil Moon

Maybe it's the beginning of the cold, winter months or the first snow that makes Sun Kil Moon so relevant, but regardless, Mark Kozelek's brainchild is one that cannot be ignored. After leading the seminal 90's slowcore group, Red House Painters, Kozelek went solo under the moniker Sun Kil Moon. His slowcore roots stayed to an extent, but his playing excelled and flourished. Kozelek's knack for fingerpicking and arpeggios is beyond belief, and he rivals the skills of any prominent classical guitar player.

Sun Kil Moon's music is haunting beautiful, but mellow and inviting. Although the sometimes coldness of the lonesome guitar rings a bit too hollow, Kozelek's vocals are always warm as he transcends a level between singing and storytelling.

Kozelek's latest album, entitled Benji, is set to be released in February on his Caldo Verde label. It promises to be as sentimental and honest as every release he has put out prior, and it is one of my personal most highly anticipated albums of 2014.


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