Monday, August 30, 2010

Artist Suggestion/Free Music - Kiven

Kiven is a Southern California based alternative rock band that definitely knows how to create their own image. Taking hints of their music from a wide variety of bands, Kiven combines strong vocal ability with superb technicality. "Frigid Stares" showcases Minus The Bear like riffs combined with their own twist. "Two In The Same" shows off their diversity with a quieter track that Radiohead would be proud of. They are allowing free downloads on their Bandcamp page, and if you like the two bands listed above along with Thrice, Mutemath, or As Tall As Lions you should definitely give it a download. Link


  1. I had a dream, and in that dream there was a mighty eagle. I was riding the eagle through the night sky and there were rockets exploding all around me. Then the eagle turned to me and said 'why are you here?' But I couldn't answer. I didn't know why I was there. I didn't know where I was going or what I was to do when I arrived, but I did know one thing...I knew that no matter what came next I could handle it. I could handlle it because I knew that Kiven would rock my soul when I arrived.
    Moral of the story: Kiven can invade your dreams. Protect yourselves. But still listen cause they are fantastic!

  2. Great call on the music suggestion, very solid EP indeed. I know some people that are friends with the guys in the band and I heard a rumor they are coming out with some new stuff within the next month. Fingers crossed!